Ghana eCommerce Awards

How to enter

Individuals and companies can enter more than one category. 

The information provided in your entry submissions assists the judges with establishing background, context and also highlighting specific features relevant to your entry.   Note that criteria may differ with each category.

In sending your entry form kindly go through the checklist given to you to make sure all relevant ticks are done. Most importantly labeling are correctly done and ensure all marking are properly organised.

Check list

You may attach supporting documents to your entry, such as:

  • Any relevant financial data, sales figures, performance achievements, audience growth
  • Clients Testimonials
  • News / media features and editorial
  • Product / project specific corporate collateral
  • Photography
  • Web links and links to videos and other information are acceptable as part of an entry
Entry Deadline Extended to 22 August 2018


You can also send additional documents by email attachment provided you follow these instructions.

Document :    PDF(preferably) or Word
VIDEO: Youtube link  or any downlodable lin

You can email additional documents to

If you are in doubt kindly call 0302973379 or email: